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Magnificent View of an Area of BIGs Current New Mexico Research and Observation AOI

One of the many ‘critters’ who reside in the current BIG New Mexico AOI 

Magnificent View of BIGs Current Colorado Research and Observation AOI

West side of Bobcat Pass, NM.  The trees and hill(side) in the foreground of this image: is the location where Mr. Toth filmed and photographed the ‘creature’ during BIG night ops, in October and November of last year.

A humorous and very well crafted wood carving of bigfoot.  This particular piece is located on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado.  (Yes, the carving is BIG!)

Another intriguing and very well crafted wood carving of bigfoot.  This particular piece is located in the area of Olympic Peninsula, Washington.  (Yes, it’s another very BIG carving!)

Denver International Airport: November 2023

A very BIG and very impressive scrap metal sculpture of bigfoot that is located in Happy Camp, CA.

Another very BIG and very impressive statue of bigfoot, (on sale), in a sporting goods store located in Loveland, CO.

A patriotic bigfoot metal sign displayed on the wall of a men’s room in a gas station near Boulder, Colorado!

Another intriguing piece of bigfoot ‘artwork’.  This particular piece is on display by the roadside out in front of a novelty gift store in the vicinity of Carefree, Arizona.  (Sheesh!)  Someone literally chained him to a cactus!  

So you see, they are highly intelligent!  This sasquatch got to Vegas’ somehow and learned to play poker!  He seems to have really honed his social skills with people as well… BIG time! 

A remarkable display of a bigfoot and its youngling: located at ‘The Sasquatch Outpost and Encounter Discovery Museum’ in Bailey, Colorado! 



An exquisite wood carving bust of a sasquatch on display at ‘The Sasquatch Outpost’ located in Bailey, Colorado!

Mr. Toth posing with a very rare ‘munchkin’ bigfoot in Estes Park, Colorado. (Note the two green ‘Loch Ness’ monsters on the loose in the background!)  Just a BIG joke of course!

A very informative poster on display at ‘The Sasquatch Outpost’ located in Bailey, Colorado: which conveys the deep cultural, historical and spiritual relationship sasquatch has forged with ‘Native American’ tribes throughout their proud and rich history! 

One of my all-time favorites!  A rendition of a really BIG sasquatch bonding with and comforting two small children: who look lost and at ease with the creature in the deep woods… somewhere!

A great ‘night’ photo taken near Red River, NM of a very ‘old’ black bear that frequents the area in/of the Columbine Wilderness.  This particular picture was taken by my/our friend Eric while on security patrol.  (Eric is also a BIG informant and confirmed witness to multiple encounters in the area.)

A photo taken last summer of 2023, (by Mr. Toth), of a pretty BIG moose: in the region of another active and/or current BIG stakeout survey area near Rollinsville, CO.  (As you can see, this creature does not resemble a sasquatch… whatsoever!)

Another great photo taken by our BIG friend and informant Eric in the vicinity of Red River, NM of a very amazing rock formation: that definitely resembles the face of a sasquatch and/or bigfoot… BIG time!

 Mr. Toth of BIG visiting with his horse friend ‘Spooky’ in the vicinity of our current Colorado research AOI.  

 A BIG steel silhouette of a bigfoot located at the end of a driveway in the vicinity of Three Rivers, CA. 

 Another BIG wooden silhouette of a bigfoot decked out for the Christmas holidays: located at the end of another driveway in the vicinity of Three Rivers, CA. 

A great exhibit that is on display at ‘The Sasquatch Outpost and Museum’ in Bailey, CO of a really BIG sasquatch!  (No doubt that he is totally enjoying a late night ’bout’ of cabin window peeking.) 

A great screen shot of ‘The 4th of July’ video that was taken by a couple hiking in the Sierra Mountains of California a few years back.  Very intriguing as this picture shows the female sasquatch apparently carrying a young one in her arms… as she hastily exits the vicinity of the hikers filming her!  

A ‘red’ sasquatch walking silhouette and/or mural on a terminal wall at Denver International Airport @ March 2024! 

Please continue to join us here at ‘BIG’ as we continue our ongoing quest in order… “To prove that… they are!”  


Mr. Daniel Toth: USN SEAL (Ret.)


Bigfoot Investigative Group